Sullivans Cove Tasmanian Whisky

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Sullivans Cove Tasmanian Whisky

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Dies ist ein Instagram Post von whiskybusiness_est2020 aus Australien:
The unwrapping of something special. This one will remain stagnant on the shelf for a while. Sullivans Cove, old & rare aged 18 years, American Oak, Single Cask.
Nose: Chocolate orange and cloves jumping out with a syrupy, floral musk perfume. Pecan pie, toasted malt, toffee, light black pepper and of course that old fashioned Sullivans Cove banana sundae vibe.

Palate: Banana flower, pimento and worn leather. Creamy malt, dark brown sugar and rich molasses.

Finish: Dates and fig jam leads to banana and pecan ice cream with a long leathery finish and the lingering nuttiness of sunflower seeds. #whisky

Hi, my bottle cost AUD$800 direct from distillery. It sold out in 20min. I believe you can buy from retailers for about AUD$2500, i've seen a few around.
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